New to Springfield?

If you are new to Springfield, we are so excited that you stopped by! Please take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions about what to expect during our Sunday Worship Service.

What can I expect when I walk through the doors of SMC for a Worship Service?

When looking at the church you'll enter through the door on the right side of the building. As you come through the doors you'll climb four steps into the very back of the sanctuary where you'll be warmly greeted and offered a prayer request sheet and announcements of upcoming programs. If you've come for Sunday School and have children, someone will help direct them to age appropriate classes. 

What will the Worship Service be like?

The service begins at 10:15am. Here you can expect to sing several hymns, accompanied by the piano, interspersed throughout the service. Announcements are shared, prayers and praises are offered, and a sermon is preached. The message is generally 20-30 minutes long.

How should I dress?

It's totally up to you. You'll see a few suits and dresses along with plenty of casual clothes, and even shorts and sandals. What's important is that you just come!  Wear whatever you're comfortable with; we do.

Will I be expected to give money?

No, and we don't want you to feel uncomfortable about not giving. There is an offering box in the back of the church for regular attenders. It is our responsibility and one of our actions of faith in God's providing hand and a response of love for Jesus Christ giving his all for us.

Where do my children go during the service?

For families with infants and toddlers we offer a nursery staffed by caring and responsible individuals during the service, although you are also welcome to keep your children in the sanctuary for the service. Our interim pastor, Pastor Bob, presents a children's message towards the beginning of the service. There are classes for all children during our Sunday School time.